Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

At House on the Rock, Gateway Johannesburg, we recognize that each of us plays a vital role in God’s plan and has a unique purpose. Our mission is to support you on your spiritual journey, fostering a deeper connection with God and fellow believers. We don’t simply aim for knowledge about God; our goal is for you to truly know Him and understand His intended path for your life. By taking meaningful steps in your spiritual journey, we believe you can actively contribute to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Explore the Opportunities

Discover Your Path at House on the Rock, Gateway Johannesburg. Regardless of the sequence, we believe God will unveil His plan for your life as you explore the next steps available to you.

Empowering Women Through Ministry

The Transformative Music Ministry

Empowering Lives Through Media Ministry

Empowering Men for Lasting Impact

Nurturing Young Hearts and Minds

Empowering the Next Generation



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