Minister's Welfare

Caring for the Spiritual Leaders

Minister’s Welfare is a dedicated department at House on the Rock, Gateway, Johannesburg that focuses on providing care, support, and holistic well-being for the spiritual leaders within the church. We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by ministers and their families, and our purpose is to ensure they receive the necessary support and care to thrive in their roles.

Our Purpose

Minister’s Welfare exists to prioritize the well-being of the spiritual leaders within the church. We recognize that their roles involve not only serving the congregation but also maintaining a healthy balance in their personal lives. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that encompasses the spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational aspects of their lives.

Join Us to serve

Join Minister’s Welfare at House on the Rock, Gateway, Johannesburg, where we prioritize the well-being of our spiritual leaders. Together, we create a culture of care, support, and holistic well-being, enabling them to serve with excellence, authenticity, and long-term effectiveness in their ministries.



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