Our Pastors

Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Paul Adefarasin, a venerable luminary within the realm of Nigerian ministry, shines as a beacon of intellectual prowess and enlightenment. He is the metropolitan of House on The Rock Church globally. Renowned as a distinguished author, motivational force, and eloquent speaker, he commands the utmost reverence. With a profound and resonant message of hope, healing, and empowerment, his influence permeates hearts and minds.

Through the captivating medium of his television program, “SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!” which resonates across countless households in Africa and Europe, he bestows his inspired teachings upon a vast multitude. Like a visionary maestro, Paul Adefarasin skillfully conducts the symphony of his words, weaving melodies of inspiration and illumination.

As a sagacious leader and bridge-builder, he transcends the confines of race, tribe, and creed, fostering strategic alliances between the ecclesiastical and secular realms in Africa. In his wake, the boundaries that divide dissolve, and a harmonious unity emerges. With unwavering conviction and unyielding dedication, Paul Adefarasin paves the way for a shared destiny, where the church and secular communities embrace a collective purpose and stride forward as one.

In the annals of intellectual and spiritual prowess, Paul Adefarasin etches an indelible mark, guiding multitudes toward the resplendent dawn of profound transformation and unity.

Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin

Pastor Ifeanyi embodies the multifaceted role of a Co-Pastor at The House On The Rock, seamlessly interwoven with her profound calling as the Founder of the esteemed WOMAN TO WOMAN MINISTRY. This divine mission, propelled by her unwavering dedication, stands as a steadfast beacon of hope, transcending boundaries to engender social reformation, advance education, provide crucial healthcare provisions, and extend compassionate relief efforts. Her focal point lies in tendering aid to the marginalized and underprivileged within Nigeria and throughout the expanse of West Africa.

With an impassioned zeal to uplift and empower women, Pastor Ifeanyi’s noble endeavors transcend the confines of her own generation, nation, and even continent. She commands an unparalleled reverence as a venerable minister, captivating conference speaker, revered mentor, and esteemed coach, drawing admirers from far and wide, be it on a local or international scale. Her resolute message, one that resonates with hope and empowerment, radiates an aura of utmost clarity and unfaltering practicality.

Distinguished Servant

Pastor Idara McSamuel

Idara McSamuel, is the distinguished Servant at House on the Rock Johannesburg. He serves as a guiding beacon of enlightenment, Possessing an unparalleled dedication to facilitating profound change in those whom he leads through his dynamic sermons and empathetic governance.

However, Idara’s vision transcends the confines of the hallowed sanctuary, as he tirelessly endeavors to address the multifarious needs of the community through his far-reaching outreach programs and masterclasses. Renowned for his contagious vitality and an unwavering adoration for humanity, he engenders inspiration and empowerment within the congregants, compelling them to forge a benevolent imprint upon the world.

Through his sagacious leadership, he adeptly guides countless souls towards the unveiling of their intrinsic purpose and the attainment of indelible significance.

Thus, Pastor Idara McSamuel, the indefatigable luminary, ardently spearheads the spiritual ascent at House on the Rock “The Gateway” Johannesburg, uniting passion and purpose in his noble pursuit of uplifting hearts and kindling the eternal flame of enlightenment.



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