Empowering the Next Generation

Next Generation

Teens Church is the dynamic and empowering youth ministry of House on the Rock at “The Gateway” in Johannesburg. Our purpose is to guide and empower teenagers in their spiritual journey, providing a safe space for them to develop a personal relationship with God, discover their identity, and navigate life’s challenges.

Engaging and Relevant Teaching

We provide dynamic teachings, interactive discussions, and practical applications of God’s Word. Our goal is to help teenagers grow in their understanding of Scripture, develop a Christ-centered worldview, and make wise choices in their daily lives.

Empowering Leadership Development

Through leadership programs, mentorship, and practical training, we empower teenagers to become influential leaders in their schools, families, and communities. We equip them with the skills, character, and confidence to make a positive impact wherever they go.

Community and Fellowship

We foster a sense of community and fellowship among teenagers, organizing gatherings, retreats, and events where they can connect, form friendships, and support one another. It’s a place to have fun, worship together, and grow in relationships.

Outreach and Impact

We prioritize musical excellence in every aspect of our ministry. Our musicians and vocalists undergo rigorous training and rehearsal, ensuring that our worship reflects skill, passion, and a commitment to glorify God through music.

Life Skills and Practical Guidance

VOICE embraces original music to convey our church and community’s unique voice and message. Our songwriters collaborate to create heartfelt and inspiring songs that resonate with individuals’ lives. Through creative songwriting, we connect on a personal level, offering uplifting and encouraging melodies.



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