Creating a Welcoming and Worshipful Environment

The Ushering Department at House on the Rock,  Gateway, Johannesburg plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and worshipful environment for all attendees. As the first point of contact for visitors and members, the Ushering Department ensures that everyone feels valued, comfortable, and supported as they enter the church.

We believe in the power of hospitality to make a lasting impact. The Ushering Department warmly welcomes guests, members, and first-time visitors, extending genuine hospitality with a friendly smile and a spirit of kindness. We assist in seating arrangements, offer information about the church, and answer any questions or concerns.


Join Us to serve

Join the Ushering Department at House on the Rock “The Gateway” in Johannesburg, where we create a welcoming and worshipful environment. Together, we serve with excellence, demonstrate Christ’s love, and contribute to a positive and impactful worship experience for all.



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