The Transformative Music Ministry

VOICE is the transformative music ministry of House on the Rock at “The Gateway” in Johannesburg. We are passionate about worship, striving to create an atmosphere where individuals encounter God, experience personal transformation, and impact their world through music.

Our Purpose

VOICE exists to deepen people’s connection with God through music. We believe in the power of music to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and inspire change. Our ministry creates an environment for authentic worship, faith growth, and discovering one’s unique voice in the Kingdom.

Dynamic Worship Experiences

We craft dynamic worship experiences led by talented musicians, singers, and worship leaders. Through soul-stirring music, heartfelt lyrics, and authentic worship expressions, we lead people into a deeper encounter with God’s presence.

Excellence in Music

We prioritize musical excellence in every aspect of our ministry. Our musicians and vocalists undergo rigorous training and rehearsal, ensuring that our worship reflects skill, passion, and a commitment to glorify God through music.

Creative Songwriting

VOICE embraces original music to convey our church and community’s unique voice and message. Our songwriters collaborate to create heartfelt and inspiring songs that resonate with individuals’ lives. Through creative songwriting, we connect on a personal level, offering uplifting and encouraging melodies.

Community Engagement

As part of House on the Rock’s “The Gateway” in Johannesburg, VOICE engages the local community through music. We organize concerts, outreach events, and workshops that promote unity, diversity, and social change. Music becomes a catalyst for positive impact, bridging gaps and breaking down barriers.

Training and Development

We nurture and develop musical talent within and beyond the church. Through training programs, workshops, and mentoring, we empower aspiring musicians, singers, and worship leaders to serve God and lead others in worship.

Join Us to serve

Join VOICE, where we empower lives through music ministry. Together, we lift our voices in worship, inspire transformation, and impact the world through the power of music.



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